Welcome to "How to post a link 101!"

First, please do *not* post outside links in this thread or use this thread to advertise.

Please keep in mind that posting links is not permitted on the public forums. default smiley :)

To make a link you need to follow this format exactly but exclude the *:

[url=the URL of the website]text you want for the link[/url*]

For example, a link to my page would look like this:

[*url=]My profile[/url*]

Without the * it would show up as a link: My profile

Note: When making links to your page, EC page, EC forum or your horses you need to go to them like other players would. When you use your shortcut buttons you get a generic URL that will take everyone to there own page (or whatever you tried to link to).

Examples of generic URL (this URL format take players to their own versions of these pages):
EC Forum:

Examples of true web page URL (this URL format will take players to your pages):
EC forum:

If this doesn't make sense please feel free to PM me pr post questions here. Feel free to practice here, however, do *not* post links to advertise or for outside sites in this thread. default smiley ;)